OMG Patagonia Corporate Grant Program

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What is the OMG Patagonia Corporate Grant Program?

The OMG Patagonia Corporate Grant Program supports grassroots activist organizations that have direct-action agendas and are working on strategic, multipronged campaigns to preserve and protect the environment. The focuses on organizations that have or can create a strong base of support. Because we’re a privately held company, we have the freedom to fund risk-taking, off-the-beaten-track groups, and that’s where we believe our small grants are most effective.

OMG Patagonia Corporate Grant Program

The grant supports local groups that work to protect local habitats and frontline communities through bold, original actions. The program is most interested in awarding these grants to organizations that identify and work on the root causes of problems, and approach issues with a commitment to long-term change. We look for innovative groups whose work includes specific goals, objectives, action plans and measures for evaluating success.

The Corporate Grants Program supports small grassroots activist organizations with provocative direct-action agendas, working strategically on multipronged campaigns to preserve and protect their environment. 

OMG Patagonia’s Corporate Grants Program funds organizations working within the US and Canada that are either national in scope or not local to one of our North American retail stores or wholesale partners. Proposals are reviewed and grants decisions are made by an employee-grants council at our company headquarters.

Patagonia funds work that:

  • is action-oriented
  • focuses on root causes
  • has a clear strategy
  • identifies specific goals and objectives that can be effectively measured to evaluate success
  • builds public involvement and civic engagement
  • works to build an inclusive and diverse environmental movement
  • takes place within the following countries: United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia, Chile, Argentina, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, Austria and the Czech Republic.