Production Incentive can benefit SMME’s

The Production Incentive (PI) forms part of the overall Clothing and Textile Competitiveness Programme. The  clothing and textiles competitiveness programme  aims  to  help  the  industry  upgrade  its  processes,  products  and people. This is expected to move the industry up the value chain to activities that  are  far  more  sustainable  than  competing  against  “sweatshop”  labour practices and pervasive government subsidisation in other developing countries. Currently levels of profitability in the industry are so low that there is  little  appetite  to  upgrade.  The  production incentive programme  is  meant  to  encourage  and  support upgrading and competitiveness improvement programmes in the sector.

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The  production incentive programme  consists  of  a  combination  of  an  Upgrade  Grant  Facility,  which  is meant to focus on competitiveness improvement and an Interest Subsidy for Working Capital Facility which is meant to support working capital requirements resulting from past and future upgrading interventions.

The benefit thus determined will be referred to as the Benefit Ceiling which is the  maximum  amount  that  will  be  available  to  an  applicant  in  a  specific financial year.

The MVA calculation must be based on audited financial statements not older than 15 months.

The MVA calculation must be independently  verified  by  the  company’s auditors  and  the  auditors‟  confirmation  letter  submitted  to  the  clothing and textiles competitiveness programme  desk together with the benefit application.

A  confirmation  of  the  approved  Benefit  Ceiling  will  be  issued  to  qualifying applicants.  The  amount  available  under  the  Benefit  Ceiling  can  only  be accessed on presentation of proof of qualifying expenditure to the satisfaction of the clothing and textiles competitiveness programme Desk, and/or the acceptance of liability for interest charges on a working capital loan obtained from the IDC or any reputable financial institution.

The  production incentive programme  specifically  excludes  goods  manufactured  for the automotive sector which qualifies for any incentive programme offered for that sector.

The incentive programme provides investment support to South African manufacturing  entities  in  the  clothing,  textiles,  footwear,  leather  and  leather-goods industries based in South Africa.

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The  production incentive programme  is  available  to  the  following  (collectively  referred  to  as  the  “the sector”):

  • Clothing manufacturers;
  • Textile manufacturers;
  • Cut, Make and Trim (CMT) operators;
  • Footwear manufacturers;
  • Leather goods manufacturers and
  • Leather processors (Specifically for Leather Goods and Footwear
  • industries).
  • Design Houses (Provided the design house partners with one or
  • more CMT‟s)

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