Workplace Challenge Programme

The Workplace Challenge Cluster Programme is a focused supply side intervention of the dti, managed by Productivity SA, to assist South African manufacturing, agriculture and agro processing, mining and beneficiation businesses to enhance productivity and world-class competitiveness/Best Operating Practices.

The programme consists of Clusters made up of 5 to 7 companies in the industrial areas of all of the provinces to focus on:

  • Improving workplace relations
  • Embracing or developing world-class manufacturing practices/Best Operating Practices (BOP) and
  • Sharing and disseminating world-class competitiveness experiences.

The WPC assists South African manufacturing, agriculture and agro processing, mining and beneficiation businesses. WPC is operated in the context of enterprises participating in regional clusters that are made up of five to seven companies in the industrial areas of all of the provinces. The clusters are facilitated over a period of 24 months by Productivity SA coaches called Change Facilitators. The WPC is a joint initiative of the National Economic Development Labour Council (Nedlac) and the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti).


Workplace Challenge Programme-04

Workplace Transformation Toolkits

The Workplace Challenge Cluster Programme utilises 5 Workplace Transformation Toolkits to effect development within companies participating Workplace Challenge clusters.


The Management System of the Workplace Transformation Toolkit aims at helping organisations to make a successful transition to a culture of continuous improvement. The Management System teaches participants to plan, to implement according to plan, to review plans, to take corrective actions, to measure and to celebrate achievements. It also teaches participants about consistent and regular communication and to start off on the right foot by having a purpose and a vision for the transformation of their workplace.

Objectives of Management System

  • Outline of the methodology for implementing continuous improvement.
  • Set guidelines for this implementation
  •  To explain what world-class competitiveness is and why it should be pursued
  • Provide tools that will assist in the journey to world-class.

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