Agro Processing Support Scheme (APSS)

What is the Agro Processing Support Scheme (APSS)?

The Agro-processing Support Scheme incentive scheme is a R1-billion cost-sharing grant fund designed to boost investments in new and existing agro-processing projects. The Agro Processing Support Scheme (APSS) provides grant funding on a cost-sharing basis to eligible agro-processors. Agro-processing refers to post-harvest value adding of agricultural raw material. This fund is not applicable to the growing and harvesting of the raw crop or animals.

Agro Processing Support Scheme (APSS)

The Objectives of the Agro-processing Support Scheme:

The investment should demonstrate that it will achieve some of the following:

  • Increased capacity,
  • Employment creation,
  • Modernised machinery and equipment,
  • Competitiveness and productivity improvement,
  • Broadening participation.

Grant Offering

The scheme offers a twenty percent (20%) up to a thirty percent (30%) cost sharing grant  to  a  maximum  of  twenty  million  rand  (R20  million)  over  a  two  (2)  year investment  period,  with  a  last  claim  to  be  submitted  within  six  (6)  months  after  the final approved milestone.

Qualifying Sectors

The scheme targets food and beverage value addition and processing (including black winemakers), furniture manufacturing, fibre processing, feed production, and fertiliser production.

Benefits of the scheme:

The scheme offers support on a cost-sharing basis towards:

New Machinery and Equipment 

  • New  machinery  and  equipment  (owned  or  capitalised  financial  lease),  tools,  and forklifts, at cost and will also include green technology, energy and resource efficiency equipment. 

Commercial Vehicles

  • New  commercial  vehicles  (owned  or  capitalised  financial  lease)  are  only  eligible  if such  vehicles  are  to  be  used  for  commercial  purposes  linked  to  the  production process. This includes vehicles such as collection, delivery and distribution vehicles. 
  • Commercial vehicles must be registered in the name of the applicant.
  • Investments in commercial vehicles may not exceed 25% of the qualifying investment in machinery  and  equipment,  up  to  a  maximum  grant  amount  of  two  million  rand (R2 million).


  • The investment in buildings must not exceed the qualifying investment in machinery, equipment and tools and is limited to a maximum grant amount of two million rand (R2 million). 

Competitiveness Improvement Costs

  • Competitiveness costs to a maximum of ten percent (10%) of the qualifying investment  in  machinery and  equipment  and  limited  to  a  maximum  grant amount of two million rand (R2 million).

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