Antares REACH Grant Program

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What is the Antares REACH Grant Program?

The Antares REACH Grant Program will provide $20,000 grants to small businesses, with an emphasis on businesses preparing for their next stage of growth; operated by historically underrepresented entrepreneurs; and providing important community services. The grant initiative is part of REACH; launched to help members of diverse and historically underrepresented groups, including women, people of color, military-affiliated, persons with disabilities, and LGBTQ+. Antares is uniting with technology firm Hello Alice to make the grants attainable.

Antares REACH Grant Program

To be eligible, a business must:

  • Be a for-profit business that is majority (51%) owned and/or operated by individuals who identify as New Majority (Women, People of Color, Military-affiliated, Persons with Disabilities, or LGBTQ+)
  • Have less than $5 million USD in annual revenue
  • Have a demonstrated need for support
  • Have a strong plan for moving forward

To meet the criteria, the businesses must have a viable product or service and under $5 million in annual revenue. The firms, too, must show a need for support and have a sound plan to progress ahead.

Benefits of the grant:

  • Grant Recipients will receive a $20,000 (USD) unrestricted grant to be used for the benefit of the Grant Recipient’s business.
  • Grant Recipients will be eligible to receive an additional $5,000 (USD) unrestricted grant after completion of a post-grant report within six months following the initial grant payment.
  • Failure to complete the post-grant report within the requested time period will not cause Grant Recipient to forfeit any portion of the $20,000. Similarly, Grant recipients shall not be entitled to the additional $5,000 unless they complete such post-grant report within the requested time period.
  • Each Grant Recipient may receive recognition on the Hello Alice, GEN, and/or Antares Capital platforms.
  • Each grant is awarded “as is” with no warranty or guarantee, either express or implied by Sponsors or Antares Capital.
  • Sponsors reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to substitute property of equal or greater value for any grant (or portion of a grant) that cannot be awarded.
  • Each Grant Recipient is responsible for all applicable federal, state, and local taxes, if any, as well as any other costs and expenses associated with grant acceptance and use not specified in these Official Rules.