BIPOC Small Business Grant by Annuity Payment Freedom

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What is the BIPOC Small Business Grant by Annuity Payment Freedom?

BIPOC Small Business Grant by Annuity Payment Freedom offers three separate monthly micro-grants of $100 for BIPOC, Women, and Artists to provide marketing expertise on driving organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) traffic. Grantees will also receive recurring personalized recommendations from marketing professionals, including free SEO analysis, advice, and strategies tailored to underrepresented business owners’ specific needs.

BIPOC Small Business Grant by Annuity Payment Freedom

The focus of this fund is to support projects that build community, leadership, and direct supports for all marginalized community groups. The simple goal is to recognize that Black, Indigenous, People of Color in Douglas County are best suited to lead change, and it is the responsibility of funders to alter processes and create a safe space for BIPOC leaders to participate and prosper.

Eligibility Criteria

Funds will be invested in grassroots and/or community nonprofit organizations in Douglas County, KS with projects focused on increasing equity and opportunities for local BIPOC communities. These grants provide support for organizations or individuals whose work benefits people with low incomes, communities of color, and historically and/or systematically marginalized people. Collaborative efforts and coalitions are eligible to apply. You do NOT have to be a 501c3, non-profit organization. This funding is for anyone wanting to lead and create change.

Not eligible for funding:

  • Organizations with budgets over $500,000
  • Organizations with less than 25% BIPOC executive leaders and board members
  • Government programs
  • Other foundations or granting programs
  • Public, private, or charter schools
  • College or university programs
  • Businesses or business associations
  • Organizations outside of the Douglas County, KS service area
  • 501c3 nonprofits designated as a church or religious organization