Black Industrialists Scheme (BIS)

What is the Black Industrialists Scheme (BIS)?

The purpose of Black Industrialists Scheme (BIS) policy is to leverage the State’s capacity to unlock the industrial potential that exists within black-owned and managed businesses that operate within the South African economy through deliberate, targeted and well-defined financial and non-financial interventions as described in the IPAP and other government policies. Partner with Black owned and managed companies on their expansion and green field investments. Aims to establish an industrial development path that is characterized by increased participation of previously marginalized citizens and regions.

Black Industrialists Scheme (BIS)


  • Must be at least 51% Black owned ;
  • Have a valid B-BBEE certificate;
  • Be directly involved in the day to day running of the organization;
  • Have a project with a minimum investment of R30 m;
  • Undertake a project , which should result in securing or increasing direct employment;
  • Cost sharing Incentive Scheme of up to R50 million based on (30% – 50%) qualifying costs
  • Capital Investment Costs;
  • Feasibility Studies towards a bankable Business Plan (to a maximum of 3% of projected investment costs);
  • Post-investment Support (Maximum of R500 000)
  • Business Development Services (maximum of R2 million)

The policy seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Accelerate the quantitative and qualitative increase and participation of Black Industrialists in the national economy, selected industrial sectors and value chains, as reflected by their contribution to growth, investment, exports and employment; and
  • Create multiple and diverse pathways and instruments for Black Industrialists to enter strategic and targeted industrial sectors and value chains.
  • In short therefore the broader objective is aimed at promoting industrialisation, sustainable economic growth and transformation through the support of black-owned entities in the manufacturing sector.

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