What is The Boost4Health?

Boost4Health provides support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who wish to explore their international growth potential. For instance: expand their international network, find expertise abroad or validate products in another market. Boost4Health lowers the thresholds for international collaborations by providing a platform and support. Enabling SMEs to find and access the best experts and facilities to advance the TRL of life sciences innovations. Meanwhile opening up new foreign markets to service providers and contributing to the growth of the North-West European life sciences network.


To grow sustainable new business, innovative NWE life science SMEs need to focus on international markets, but need support with:

  • Knowledge on internationalisation
  • The big differences in health care systems, cultures, re-imbursements etc. between countries
  • Different regulations of product validation

To achieve its goals, Boost4Health has launched the following actions:

Financial support to incentivize transnational collaboration

The project has internationalization vouchers for companies, which can be used in activities that contribute to the construction of their international networks in northwestern Europe. Each company may request a single voucher. There are 2 types:

Connection voucher (€500)

It is possible to request connection vouchers to attend congresses, fairs, or other types of events (virtual or not). With a single connection voucher, you can cover costs for travel, tickets, attendance at side-events (for example, those that allow you to make a pitch in front of investors), etc., for a value of up to €500, which will be reimbursed to the company after the activity. Eligible events will be those that contribute to the international expansion of the company and its network of contacts.

Support voucher (€1,500)

The support voucher has a value of 1,500 euros and supports the launch of collaborations between SMEs and a match with a service provider in a different country in northwestern Europe. It is used to hire experts in the countries that are part of the project (except their own).