Caress Dreams Fund

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What is the Caress Dreams Fund?

The Caress Dreams Fund is an ongoing grant program that supports businesses owned by women of color. Run through the IFundWomen of Color platform, the program includes a $1 million investment from Caress. From creating pampering personal care that helps to relax and refocus, to providing support and resources, we’re working to equip women with the confidence, knowledge and funding they need to bring their visions to life.

Caress Dreams Fund

When women have the chance to bring their dreams to life, they build the confidence to take on anything and everything ahead of them. That’s why Caress is working with IFundWomen as the founding partner of IFundWomen of Color, helping to provide opportunities and funding to women who are chasing their dreams.

The Caress Dreams Fund will award 150 entrepreneurs who launched businesses in the last 12 months with $2,500 ($1,000 in grants and $1,500 in one-on-one intensive coaching scholarships) as well as additional resources on the IFundWomen of Color platform. Through our founding partnership with IFundWomen of Color, we have supported 200 women of color owned small businesses with $500,000 in grants for immediate COVID-19 support and with IFWOC group coaching, mentorship, and connections needed to sustain their businesses.

How do I Qualify?

• Business must be owned and operated by a woman of color
• Must be located in the U.S, identify as female, and be over the age of 18
• Must have annual revenue of $10K or more
• Must have a compelling digital presence and supporting media