CRACK IT Challenges

The Crack it Challenges are competitions that funds collaborations between industry, academics and SMEs to solve business and scientific Challenges which will deliver 3Rs benefits, either by improving business processes or developing a commercial product. Depending on the Challenge, contracts of up to £1 million for up to three years are available.

CRACK IT Challenges BSG

CRACK IT Challenges are funds that are collaborated between industries like, academics and SMEs to solve scientific challenges which deliver 3Rs and commercial benefits, either by improving business processes or developing a novel technology or approach. As Sponsor of a Challenge you will be able to provide early end user input and access to new technologies that will have 3Rs impact and deliver scientific benefits to your business.

The latest challenges are:

Challenge 20Metaboderm: Development of a new tool to predict metabolism in human skin.

Challenge 21: InMutaGene: Development of a technology to address the risks of insertional mutagenesis/oncogenesis and to improve the efficiency of translational research in gene therapy.

The Crack-IT fund enables research to meet the challenges set by the National Centre for the Replacement, Reduction and Refinement of Animals in Research (NC3RS) around:

  • discovery and application of new technologies
  • use of animals for scientific purposes

Solving these challenges will deliver:

  • improvements in business processes or the 3Rs (replacement, reduction and refinement)
  • benefits through the development of a product that can be commercialised

Who is involved in the fund:

The Sponsors – define the Challenges, with a view to using the product developed, working with the NC3Rs to set out the business case and 3Rs benefits. Sponsors are required to provide in-kind contributions and/or funding to help solve the Challenges.

The Innovators – EU-based SMEs and academics secure funding and a research contract through a competitive process to develop tools, technologies or approaches to solve the Challenges. In most cases, multi-disciplinary teams are required.

The Funders – the NC3Rs funds the majority of the competitions, with support for specific Challenges from the public and charitable sectors. Sponsors are encouraged to provide co-funding alongside their in-kind support.