Culture & Business Fund Scotland

What is the Culture & Business Fund Scotland?

The Culture & Business Fund Scotland (CBFS) is managed by Arts & Business Scotland and aims to encourage first time private sector sponsorship of the arts and heritage in Scotland. It also supports cultural organisations in approaching businesses that have not previously supported the arts or heritage in Scotland within the previous two years.

Culture & Business Fund Scotland

Funded by the Scottish Government via Creative Scotland and Historic Environment Scotland, and managed by Arts & Business Scotland, the CBFS is a match funding scheme for arts and culture organisations that have attracted business funds or sponsorship for work.

Funding goes towards the arts or heritage organisation’s project. The maximum match funding is £40,000 and the minimum match funding is £1,000.

Match funding of between £1,000 and £40,000 (excluding VAT) is available across two tiers:

  • Smaller funds of between £1,000 and £3,000 (excluding VAT)
  • Larger funds of over £3,000 and up to £40,000 (excluding VAT)

The CBFS aims to:

  • support arts and heritage organisations and businesses to build new or cement existing cross-sector partnerships;
  • entice new businesses to sponsor or invest in arts or heritage activities in Scotland;
  • encourage and enable businesses already sponsoring or investing in arts or heritage activities to continue to do so with existing and / or new culture sector partners;
  • support existing cross-sector partnerships to enable and encourage them to continue to work together;
  • attract non-Scottish based companies to sponsor arts and heritage activities in Scotland; and
  • encourage and support businesses to continue to invest in or sponsor the activities of an arts or heritage organisation within Scotland over a two or three-year period.