Cumbria Infrastructure Fund

What is the Cumbria Infrastructure Fund?

The Cumbria Infrastructure Fund is CLEP’s ‘evergreen fund’, established to promote the delivery of key infrastructure needed to unlock developments that help generate jobs and homes. Project applicants repay their funding award to enable CLEP to continue to support economic growth throughout the County. This scheme aims to support the strategic improvement of the local area’s infrastructure. We look forward to developing and strengthening our relationship with Cumbria County Council and our local partners, whilst also helping to ensure that all the benefits of the project are realised as part of our commitment to delivering innovative and responsible infrastructure.

Cumbria Infrastructure Fund

Cumbria LEP has contributed to the delivery of several projects over the past year, which are designed to further improve the county’s infrastructure.

There are many positive aspects of our existing infrastructure that provide actual or potential benefits in attracting investment.

These include:

  • M6 motorway – this important road link passes through the middle of the county and is a factor in the clustering of our logistics sector along this corridor
  • West Coast Mainline – rail access through stations at Carlisle (also with connections east and west), Penrith, and Oxenholme/Kendal
  • A66 road upgrade – from Penrith to Scotch Corner that will, if implemented, further improve the accessibility of the east of the county

Cumbria has excellent green energy resources and opportunities for new energy sources. Cumbria is home to the world’s largest offshore windfarm, major biomass plants and a small but growing hydro sector along with potential tidal power possibilities in both the Solway and Morecambe Bay. The fund totalled £6.1m and has supported a range of projects including significant infrastructure works to enable expansion at Gilwilly Industrial Estate and Barrow Waterfront. CLEP currently has over £1.6m of CIF funding available to support new projects.