Etsy Emergency Relief Fund

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What is the Etsy Emergency Relief Fund?

Etsy is committed to helping our creative entrepreneurs recover when disasters disrupt their businesses. We’ve partnered with CERF+, a nonprofit organization focused on helping artists prepare for and recover from emergencies and disasters, to create a disaster relief fund just for Etsy sellers. The Etsy Emergency Relief Fund offers grants of $2,500 that are available to sellers when they apply. The amount and frequency of grants will depend on the amount of money available in the fund at any given time.

Etsy Emergency Relief Fund

Overall, 30% of sellers on Etsy rely on the platform for their only source of income. Another 31% of the sellers also have a traditional full-time job. This is in part responsible for creating income volatility, as 37% of Etsy sellers say their income varies occasionally or it is highly unpredictable.

It is this unpredictability that makes it hard to overcome financial emergencies. And considering emergencies are common for Etsy sellers it is a problem.

Who is eligible? 

All Etsy sellers are eligible for a grant if they have experienced a federally declared natural disaster within the past year, have been an active seller on Etsy for at least one year, and their accounts with Etsy are in good standing. More details about eligibility:

  1. Experiencing a disaster means that you have suffered a federally declared natural disaster that fits the following definition, and your business is located in the disaster area:
    • A “natural disaster” is a recent, unforeseen natural event that has significantly and adversely affected a seller’s ability to produce and/or market their work, that has created an immediate need for relief funds and/or assistance.
  2. At least one year on Etsy means that you have had an active seller account on Etsy for at least one year.