Fife Financial Support to Businesses

What is the Fife Financial Support to Businesses?

Fife Council fund can help support and encourage small companies in Fife to invest and grow their business. Businesses must be able to demonstrate that the project they wish to undertake will lead to sales growth and increased employability in Fife. The fund amount is up to 70% or £10,000 which ever is the lesser of the project. The fund is a fully repayable grant which means any amounts awarded have to be repaid in full over an agreed period. In exceptional circumstances small funds may be available to develop a mixture of repayable and straight grant funded support. 

Fife Financial Support to Businesses

Who can apply?

The specific sectors that are primarily supported by Fife Council funds are:

  • Food, drink and agribusiness 
  • Electronics, IT and software 
  • Engineering (including links to key markets (e.g.) energy, renewables, oil and gas, marine technology, precision engineering and medical devices) 
  • Financial services
  • Tourism and specialist traders 
  • Creative industries (including games and software) 
  • Bio-technology 
  • Construction 
  • Environmental industries

There is support for businesses with start up and for existing businesses, throughout Fife. We provide advice and help in a wide range of areas:

  • Setting up programmes to help upskill your workforce.
  • Community based programmes which can regenerate areas in Fife and create new jobs.
  • Provide information on available land for development and properties for lease.
  • Economic information to you make the right decisions.
  • Giving access to grants and loans to help start or grow your business.

This Fife Financial Support to Businesses can help with funding to encourage small companies in Fife to invest and grow their business and can help in the following areas – plant and machinery, property improvements, product development, process improvement, training and market development.

Your company may be eligible for assistance if you employ up to 50 people in manufacturing, business to business services or tourism. Your development plan must show that the investment will bring an economic benefit to Fife by way of increased employment and/or turnover