Go. Be. Elevate Fund

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What is the Go. Be. Elevate Fund?

The Go.Be. Elevate Fund is awarding business grants of up to $4000 to minority and women entrepreneurs. The launch, part of the not-for-profit’s celebration of 20 years of service, is designed to help business owners increase their capacity through targeted small grants.

Go Be Elevate Fund

The Elevate Fund grants up to $4,000 toward projects designed to help stabilize and grow small businesses led by women and entrepreneurs of color. Grant awards will be made on a rolling monthly basis and Go.Be. will connect grantees to qualified subject matter experts for projects, if needed.


  • Businesses owned and run by entrepreneurs of color or women that have been operational for two years
  • Any Go.Be. client who actively meeting with their business coach
  • Start-ups & non-profit organizations are not eligible

How does the Grants work:

  • We will pay 65% of project costs, up to $4,000. Grantees are obligated to pay the remaining 35% project cost and any amount over $4,000.
  • Project payments are made to the service provider directly. Example- If a business engages a website designer, accountant, marketing consultant, etc. for their project, Go.Be. will pay that provider directly at the conclusion of the project.
  • Grants are awarded on a monthly basis. To be eligible for any given month’s grant awards, applications must be submitted by the 15th.

Grants will be announced before the end of each month. Grant applications do not roll over from month to month. If your project isn’t funded, you must apply again to be reconsidered.