Institute of Technology Incubation Centres

What is the Institute of Technology Incubation Centres?

The Incubator Technology Centre was created in the Lower Silesia Region to bridge the gap between strong scientific potential and a low level of innovative enterprises in the region as well as a low level of saturation of advanced technologies in the economy.

Institute of Technology Incubation Centres

The Institute of Technology Incubation Centres main objective is to stimulate the development of advanced technologies, in particular:

  • the transfer of new technologies to existing and newly incorporated business entities, and commercialisation of scientific research results
  • the creation of an adequate infrastructure to ensure conditions for generating innovations
  • assistance in the establishment, development and promotion of business entities using modern technologies, especially of small and medium-sized enterprises

The Incubator Technology Centre project is aimed at minimizing the gap between the strong scientific potential of the Lower Silesia region and a relatively low level of innovative enterprises (especially small and medium-sized enterprises) operating in the region. It also aims at establishing an entrepreneurial culture in the science sector and encouraging this sector to be more market oriented.

The central aim is to create a network between innovative companies to allow them to exchange information and initiate common activities. Wroclaw Technology Park (WPT), through close cooperation with universities and research institutions including “Big Science” institutions, enables companies to familiarize themselves with technologies discovered there as well as current research projects. The most important goal is to encourage scientists, PhD students and professors to establish new knowledge-based enterprises and spin-off companies.

The Incubator Technology Centre has:

  • facilitated the commercialisation of R&D works by several of the Park’s companies
  • improved the conditions for running innovative-oriented businesses
  • created new technological companies and developed existing ones
  • created new jobs in knowledge-based sectors
  • encouraged the scientific research sector to act