Low Carbon Innovation Grants Warwickshire

What is the Low Carbon Innovation Grants, Warwickshire?

The Low Carbon Innovation Grants Warwickshire is aimed at companies developing a low carbon product or investing in a low carbon technology.  The aim was to bring together existing Warwickshire community low carbon groups to share ideas and stimulate new activity in communities where there currently is none.

Low Carbon Innovation Grants Warwickshire

We can offer between £1,000 and £50,000 to fund up to 40% of development related capital costs, including technologies such as:

  • A Manufacturing company to produce components for the nuclear energy or offshore wind
  • A waste processing company to recycle or reprocess materials from waste or to generate energy from biomass
  • A doors and windows manufacturing firm to produce highly energy efficient versions

Objectives of the Low Carbon Warwickshire Network

  • Champion the Network
    • Ensure the Network grows through having a collaborative vision, being relevant and winning hearts and minds
    • Act as one voice on behalf of rural communities
    • Bring people and communities together to share ideas and stimulate both formation of new community groups and increase project activity which aims to achieve a low carbon, sustainable future
    • Facilitate action by helping people initiate the formation of new rural community groups
    • Make timely decisions and actions to progress activities

Example of projects already approved for a grant

  • Aluminium foundry installing power factor correction, variable speed drive compressor, LED lighting and energy efficient gas fired furnace
  • Wholesale butchers installing LED lighting
  • Recycling facility investing in state of the art reclamation equipment
  • Engineering company upgrading to an energy efficient boiler and heating controls
  • Many other technologies – please speak to us to find out more.