NIDILRR’s SBIR program

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What is the NIDILRR’s SBIR program?

The purpose of the Federal SBIR program is to stimulate technological innovation in the private sector, strengthen the role of small business in meeting Federal research or research and development (R/R & D) needs, and improve the return on investment from Federally-funded research for economic and social benefits to the nation. The specific purpose of NIDILRR’s SBIR program is to improve the lives of people with disabilities through R/R & D products generated by small businesses, and to increase the commercial application of NIDILRR-supported research results and development products.

NIDILRR's SBIR program

Eligibility criteria:

  • Entities that are, at the time of award, small business concerns as defined by the Small Business Administration (SBA). This definition is included in the Funding Opportunity Announcement package.
  • If it appears that an applicant organization does not meet the eligibility requirements, we will request an evaluation by the SBA. Under circumstances in which eligibility is unclear, we will not make an SBIR award until the SBA makes a determination that the applicant is eligible under its definition of small business concern.
  • Technology, science, and engineering firms with strong research capabilities in any of the priority areas listed in this notice are encouraged to participate.
  • Consultative or other arrangements between these firms and universities or other nonprofit organizations are permitted, but the small business concern must serve as the grantee.
  • For Phase I projects, at least two-thirds of the research or analytic activities must be performed by the small business concern grantee.
  • Foreign entities are not eligible to compete for, or receive, awards made under this announcement.

NIDILRR’s SBIR program is unique among SBIR programs in that it focuses solely on the development of knowledge, products and services that benefit the lives of people with disabilities.