Queer to Stay Initiative

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What is the Queer to Stay Initiative?

The Human Rights Campaign and SHOWTIME are excited to announce the third year of “Queer to Stay: An LGBTQ+ Business Preservation Initiative”, an effort that supports, uplifts and preserves small businesses that serve the LGBTQ+ community, particularly multiply-marginalized queer people.

Queer to Stay Initiative

The QTS small business preservation initiative launched in 2020 to support and preserve 10 LGBTQIA+ businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with a focus on LGBTQ+ people of color, women and the transgender community. This year, the initiative expands to support at least 25 businesses, targeting businesses from geographically diverse LGBTQ+ communities. Showtime officials announced the “Queer to Stay” renovations and updates this June as Pride Month rolled around with the intention of inspiring crowdfunding from LGBTQ supporters. With the inclusion of financial support from individuals, these businesses may also receive financial aid from generous friends and family as well as from HRC and Showtime.

The businesses will be selected based on the communities they serve and how COVID-19 has affected them: “Queer to Stay” is accepting applications now until August 31, 2022. Eligible businesses can apply at queertostay.org. Recipients will be notified and announced later this year.

Additionally, LGBTQ+ adults, bisexual adults, LGBTQ+ adults of color and transgender adults were more likely than the general population to have recently had their work hours reduced due to the pandemic. The LGBTQ community has proven to be disproportionately impacted in almost all facets of society, compounding the importance of preserving and celebrating LGBTQ spaces.”