ReAct for Businesses

What is the ReAct for Businesses?

React as any other piece of software is here to efficiently build web & mobile products, but how is it actually impacting the modern world of development? We know the number of downloads, number of repositories or number of open source projects, but what if these numbers are just vanity metrics and a true valuable business knowledge is somewhere hidden? It will also help organizations understand if using React is a good idea in a longer term and if they should keep this technology in their stack for the future.

ReAct for Businesses

REACT (Research and Enterprise in Arts and Creative Technology) was a UK Hub for exchanging knowledge between arts and humanities research and the creative economy. From 2012-16 REACT invested £3million in 53 themed projects in the South West of England, in Wales and nationally.

Benefits of the ReAct for businesses?

Faster App Development

Building a mobile or web application using React minimizes the time of development. The React Native framework is based on JavaScript, which is one of the most popular coding languages with plenty of resources available.

As a result, React developers can code quickly and build innovative products that reflect business objectives.

Integration With Other Technologies

Developers can use React with Node.js for effective back-end development. This means they can use the same React component with a variety of different technologies to build apps for various platforms.

Enhanced Innovation

Because React is such a popular and widely used framework, developers using it are often creative individuals who bring extra innovation to projects. They are typically quick thinkers and excellent problem-solvers.

Quick Market Delivery

When you hire React Native developers, you can be sure that your application will be deployed into the market on time.

What are the biggest advantages that React brings to your organization?

That was an open question, below the most interesting answers from our respondents:

  • Reusable components have benefited several recent projects that we’ve been involved in.
  • Ecosystem, dev tools, new frameworks based on React are amazing. There’s a great community around it. Thanks to that our job is more efficient, products are more performant and at the end that results with happy clients.
  • It allows our developers to work with a small toolset and fundamental, modern JavaScript features and methodologies. It’s easy for a new developer to pick up once they understand the concepts but still works well for more complex features of an app
  • Single codebase.
  • From a front end perspective, we have much more control over the performance and perceived loading times of any React site. It also allows us to add iOS and Android apps to our offering as we can now use React Native in-house.
  • Our web portals are very high quality in terms of visible user bugs.
  • Agility and ability to build new MVP features fast.
  • Increased speed and decreased cost. A single team can manage multiple apps on different platforms.
  • Having one way of building front-ends, across mobile apps and web apps.
  • Common structure and understanding of code base.
  • Cross-platform re-use (web and app), maintainability and well-performing front-ends (rich and fast UX).
  • Development speed and the ability to launch on Android and iOS.