Repair Grants for Heritage at Risk

What is the Repair Grants for Heritage at Risk?

The Repair Grants for Heritage at Risk gives support towards the repair and conservation of listed buildings, scheduled monuments and registered parks and gardens. This includes project development actions which enable repair or improved future management. The grants are primarily for urgent repairs or other work required to address risk by preventing loss of or damage to important architectural, archaeological or landscape features. The outcome of every project should be the protection of the significance of the site or to enable such protection to happen.

Repair Grants for Heritage at Risk

The aim is to secure a sustainable future for the historic environment by ensuring that work carried out with our grants is:

  • sympathetic to the character and significance of the building, monument, park or garden based on a thorough understanding of the site, including investigation where necessary supported by proper project planning, with adequate risk management and cost control completed to an appropriate standard

We can only offer a grant if your project involves a certain type of historic property.

To be eligible for a grant under this scheme, your project must involve one of the following:

  • a building listed at grade I or II*
  • a building listed at grade II and within a conservation area or a London borough
  • a scheduled monument
  • a park or garden registered at grade I or II*
  • an unlisted building of significant historic or architectural interest and within a conservation area or a London borough

Who can apply for a grant?
We aim to work in partnership with owners who are committed to looking after the historic environment.
Applicants must be the individuals or organisations who have legal responsibility for the repair of the property. If we offer a grant, we need to know that you have the authority to carry out the project and that you will be able to meet
the grant conditions. These include conditions that will continue to apply for a period of time after your project is complete.