Retail improvement grant scheme

What is the Retail improvement grant scheme?

The Retail Improvement Scheme supports owners and leaseholders of commercial premises in retail areas throughout Renfrewshire who are looking to improve the external fronts of their properties. Grants can be up to 70% of eligible costs. The minimum grant is £1,000. Previously awarded RIS grants have typically ranged between £1,000 to £12,000 (dependent on size, scale and benefits of the project). An award beyond this level would be very exceptional. The grant is calculated at the sole discretion of Renfrewshire Council. The grants are currently available in the United States and Canada only.

Retail improvement grant scheme

Who can apply?

The Retail Improvement Grant Scheme is available to:
• freeholder owners, or
• leaseholders tenants as long as the terms of their current lease agreement on the
property are appropriate and they have owner’s consent
• is only available to rateable commercial retail buildings in the parish of Alton and
Holybourne (whether or not exemptions are applied and rates are paid as a result)

What will the scheme fund?

Not all the improvement works will be eligible for a Retail Improvement Grant. The Grant will
only fund ‘eligible works’.

The following work will generally be considered eligible for support:
• New shop fronts and fascias
• Repair and reinstatement of all or any part of a shop front fixture that is
visible from the street, including the first and second floors of premises
where they are used for commercial activities. This includes windows,
columns/pilasters, doors/ doorways, blinds/canopies, security grilles or
• Repainting of shop fronts in suitable colours
• Signage
• External lighting
• Professional fees associated with the development and delivery of the
project, including planning application fees, consultancy fees and
advisory services.