Scarborough business start-up grant

What is the Scarborough business start-up grant?

The Business Development grant scheme was established to encourage the creation of new businesses and help the growth of established small and medium-sized businesses and companies moving into the area. In both cases, the main objective for awarding the grant will be that the project will result in new jobs being created. The main criteria for support are that:

  • the business is based in, and the investment would benefit the Scarborough Borough area
  • the project and the business are commercially viable and,
  • the project needs financial support
Scarborough business start-up grant

Business start-up grants

Start-up grants are targeted at new start-ups and businesses less than 18 months old with no more than 10 employees. Applications can be made for assistance towards the cost of necessary equipment and machinery (excluding vehicles and consumables e.g. stationery), the extension, adaptation or improvement of facilities within the premises and marketing, where it forms part of a promotional programme which is likely to lead to new jobs.

The maximum amount of grant assistance is up to £1,000 to any one concern in any one financial year.

Business expansion grants

Expansion grants are aimed at assisting both existing businesses in the Borough who may be looking to strengthen their market position or expand into new markets, and new businesses attracted into the area. The grant is primarily targeted at revenue schemes rather than capital projects, and will be based on a specific need being identified through the development of Business Plan and evidence of job creation.

The maximum amount of grant assistance is up to £5,000 to any one concern in any one financial year.

In order to be eligible for the Scarborough business start-up grant:
Grants under this scheme will be available to businesses that:
• Are based in the Scarborough borough
• Are rated and assessed for Non-Domestic Rates (business rates) purposes – you will need your business rates account reference to apply
• Where the business operation carried out at the premises is in the relevant sector and falls under the appropriate definition as outlined by BEIS (please refer to BEIS business definition guidance link found further down this page)