Scottish EDGE

What is the Scottish EDGE(SE)?

Scottish EDGE is a competition aimed at identifying and supporting Scotland’s up-and-coming, innovative, high-growth entrepreneurial talent. We believe that it’s important to support entrepreneurs and start-up businesses in any way we can. We also recognise that supporting businesses isn’t a one-off thing. From providing prize funding of up to £150,000 to a quick catch-up, we’re here for the long haul. Are you in? Let’s get down to business.

Scottish Edge

A total of 29 businesses with high growth potential from across Scotland benefited to the tune of just over £1 million after being named as winners at the SE Round 17 Awards. Watch the ceremony again or click below to read more about the event and its winners.

Who can apply:

Your organisation must be Incorporated at Companies House. The SE is open to Ltd Companies and registered Social Enterprises/ Charities only. The company must have been in operation for less five years, have less than 24 employees, have a business bank account and be capable of employing at least five more people over the next 3 years.

New Scottish businesses can pitch for thousands of £’s for their business and the Scottish EDGE competition are also offering free half day workshops in local areas to train people in the practical pitching skills required to make an application really shine. 

The SE has an important role to play in supporting innovative, high growth potential start-ups, and Scottish Enterprise is proud to help nurture the entrepreneurial talent that will drive Scotland’s future economic prosperity through our continue support for the Young EDGE category.