South African film and television production incentive

The South  African  Film  and  Television  Production  Incentive,  a  sub-programme of the South African Film and Television Production Incentive Programme, is to support  the  local  film  and  television  industry  as  well  as  contribute  towards  employment opportunities in South Africa.

The Incentive is available to qualifying South African productions as follows:

  • The  Qualifying  South  African  Production  Expenditure  (QSAPE)  should  be  at  least  R1.5 million;
  • For documentaries, the Qualifying South African Production Expenditure (QSAPE) should be at least R500 000.



The Incentive provides an incentive of thirty-five percent (35%) of Qualifying South African Production Expenditure (QSAPE). 

  • An  additional  five  percent  (5%)  of  QSAPE  is  provided  for  productions  hiring  at  least  thirty percent (30%) of Black South African citizens as head of departments (HODs) and procuring at least thirty percent (30%) of the QSAPE from fifty-one percent (51%) South African black-owned entities which have been operating for at least a period of one (1) year;

The  incentive  programme  offers  a  reimbursable  grant  to  the  maximum  of  R50  million  per qualifying project.

Incentive Disbursement


The incentive is disbursed either upon completion of production or in milestone payments.

The  applicant  wishing  to  make  use  of  the  milestone  payment  method  must  acquire  a completion bond. The following will apply:

• seventy  percent  (70%)  of  the  cost  of  the  completion  bond  will  be  subsidised  for productions between R1.5 million and R6 million;

• fifty percent (50%) of the cost of the completion bond will be subsidised for productions between R6 million and R10 million; 

• productions over R10 million are required by financiers to have a completion bond in place and therefore no additional subsidy will be granted.

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